Who the hell are you, Dr. StrangeCinema?

Dr. StrangeCinema is the film critic pseudonym of Blue Un Sok Kim, a self-taught filmmaker, writer, and translator who currently lives and works in Katowice, Poland. He has completed the short documentary film I Am Recording This for Friends as a member of the filmmaking collective The Markerists and is working on the post-production of his first feature length documentary titled Izolatka, a collaboration with fellow Markerist Tobias Elijah Morgan.

So you must be another Stanley Kubrick fanboy?

Actually, no. As Tarkovsky once said about Kubrick’s 2001, I find most of his works to be “cold and sterile”. However, I am indeed a huge fan of Dr. Strangelove and I believe in the salutary powers of cinema. So that’s how I came up with the name.

Why does the world need another film blog?

It doesn’t; however, I’m hoping that this site will be different from most sites that cater to lovers of meaningful cinema. Film criticism should not be staid and abstruse. But it should also be well-written and thought-provoking. Most contemporary film criticism takes delight in making obscure references that are often unnecessary and pretentious. Dr. StrangeCinema wants to cut through this kind of academic-minded criticism that relies all too often on scholarly theories and received wisdom. This blog will make references to theories when appropriate, but it will also not refrain from being irreverent and down-to-earth.

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